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Trouble getting started in sales

Here's the deal. I have no sales experience and I'm now in a b2b straight commission 1099 sales job. Not only that, but it's out of my home and I don't have a sales manager or anyone breathing down my neck to "make a sale!"

So... I'm having one heck of a time getting started. Call it sales reluctance, being too introverted, or whatever... I don't really know. But I'm just having such a hard time getting started. My task should be cold calling via phone or random businesses. My company sells strictly b2b and my objective is to set up a meeting with the owner.

However, I haven't made a call in probably 3 weeks. I just seem to have no motivation to do this or anything.

Honestly, I don't know what my question is lol... maybe I need to listen to tonyrobbins to get more passion for life, but I need to change something. Nothing quite like being in straight commission sales and making no sales lol.

Really, any input is appreciated. I don't know what to do and the old "just do it" phrase seems to be rather ineffective. :( - by Choices choices
To get the ball rolling... you accepted the job for one or more reasons. Tell me more about that. - by Jeff Blackwell
These are tough posts to respond to. To address in a clear and honest manner runs the risk of coming across as insensitive. I'll take that risk with the hope that putting the situation into clear perspective will create some badly needed motion, regardless of the direction the member decides to take.

If you're not working, then you're out of work--no different in that regard than anybody else on the unemployment rolls. It doesn't matter what compensation arrangement you have; if you don't choose to work you're not going to get paid.

Does that mean you should start making calls? No--there are no "shoulds." Maybe sales is not right for you. Maybe you could become very successful in another occupation. Maybe you have gifts that can best be utilized elsewhere.

Nobody here can motivate you to work.

However, if you want to pursue this opportunity, then take a very easy step, consisting of two rules. Here it is: Make the calls. Tell the truth.

If you do, you will start making sales. But you MUST work if you are going to be in sales. - by Gary A Boye
Jeff hits the nail on the head. Ask yourself, why did you take this on to begin with? - by libbycop
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