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Helping people get what they want.

  • Zig Ziglar said, "Find out what people want and help them get it!"
  • Dale Carnegie said, "Talk about what people want and help them get it."
  • Lou Holtz wrote, "You don't sell anyone. You help people get what they want."
I am confident there are numerous other authors and speakers suggesting that selling is about helping people get what they want. However few elaborate on the specific suggestion and some might argue that few salespeople really understand it. What do these types of suggestions mean to you? - by Community Mailbox
First of all, their statements describe the basic sales format.

Someone wants something and someone gets it for them.

Moving beyond the obvious, we have discovered that finding out what people want can be very difficult because all too often they don't even know. They tend to learn what they really want in the moment by talking about it.

Prospects often tell the car sales agent what they want. The agent also finds a way to fill that desire. Yet, you hear the prospect eventually saying, "...thanks I'll be back," never to be seen again. In fact, there is a car lot in California called "Be Back Motors."

Finding out what a prospect really wants often demands extensive sales experience and/or focused intuition.

Generally, if you are honest and sincere with them, they will reciprocate. But new trainees are hyper-focused on memorized scripts, newly learned techniques and methods. They need additional time before they can reveal their inner self and communicate with the prospect on a deeper level. - by John Voris
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