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The Time to be Objective

All perceptions are subjective.

The topic came up in a recent conversation I had with a retired teacher. We were discussing whether people who lack good communication skills also are lacking in comprehension skills. We decided that, although we knew people who were short-changed on both, the two did not necessarily go hand in hand.

I cited a case of a close friend, a very successful business owner, who had trouble expressing thoughts, often using the wrong words or phrases. But his perceptions were often both novel and inspiring.

We realized then that, although peoples' perceptions will always vary, that the variants are not cause to decrease the validity of any one viewpoint.

At what point could a person test their own perception, specifically when offering viewpoints that disagree with those of others?

Paradoxically, the answer seems to lie in objectivity. In other words, if we are honest with ourselves, which is a prerequisite for being honest with others, we can take a hard look at our perceptions and how those perceptions are influenced. We can use objectivity to filter the validity of our subjective notions.

The challenge, which a lot of people simply cannot transcend, is with one's own ego. That is why many people cling to viewpoints even as realizations are creeping in that they are lying to themselves--in some sad cases, living a big lie.

Thoughts? - by Gary A Boye

Interesting post that goes to the heart of our research.

Speaking is one of many processes used to convey ideas. There is not only training but later the language used becomes more refined depending on the experiences of the person.

Someone can own a hardware store and be successful yet have difficulty expressing thoughts regarding patriotism, morality or the elements of what is "good."

This is very common: the greater someone is immersed into abstract thought, the more this aspect is exercised at the expense of more systematic, detailed or processed thinking.

Those who are dedicated to generating abstract results have difficulty generating physical results.

Chances are, you don't want the one who built the Space Shuttle, pilot it as well. Of have your engineer buddy write a love poem to give to your spouse.

There are always exceptions but they can be explained as well--just not here. - by John Voris
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