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Sales Predictions - The Sky is Falling

In March of 2011 it was predicted that "of the 18 million salespeople currently in the United States, fewer than 3 million will be needed by 2020"

Later in the year it was predicted that "up to 50% of sales jobs – in their present guise – will disappear within three years, and up to 80%, within five years"

This year it was suggested that "around 90% of external sales roles are going to disappear within the next three years" and "within five years, just 5% of external salespeople will remain".

All of these predictions, and others like them, suggest a sudden and tragic outcome for certain sales positions or worse, The Death of Professional Selling.

This thread was inspired by a blog post from Paul McCord titled,
"In 2012 the New Normal in Sales Is..." in which Paul wrote, "Many, including myself, find it amusing to read the 'new normal' predictions knowing that for the most part they are nothing more than someone's attempt to be relevant and gain some attention."

Do you believe these types of predictions (generally speaking) are nothing more than someone's attempt to be relevant and gain some attention?

See also... The Future of Selling - by Jeff Blackwell
I voted yes, of course. It's tabloid sales authorship--gurus venturing into the MOUSE HUNTER SHOOTS SELF IN FOOT level of expository writing.

It amazes me that the wannabe experts use marketing tools akin to the plaid suit, gladhanding, attention craving, mythic salesman that they themselves pretend to have distanced themselves from. - by Gary A Boye
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