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Sales Best Practices

What separates world-class sales practitioners from the rest in your opinion? Is part of the difference that these practitioners have discovered and/or learned and now follow sales best practices or smart practices that have shown to consistently provide superior results to other methods or techniques? If so, are these sales best practices something that other practitioners and/or organizations can use and should be pursuing? - by Community Mailbox
World-class sales practitioners have a far superior understanding of the nature of the business.

Because of that, they are able to implement the best practices correctly. - by Gary A Boye
What separates world-class sales practitioners from the rest in your opinion?
In my experience, the best of the best (1) know what to do and (2) do it. It is as simple and complex as that. "Best Practices" are a relatively small part of the equation. - by Jeff Blackwell
Best practices are important; but a good work ethic, focus on priorities, and a good attitude are at least as important. Without a determination to go the extra mile and the ability to build rapport, understanding, respect and trust with customers your sales will suffer, even if you stick to best practices.

Consistent high level performance is about striking a balance on a number of things. In my opinion there is no doubt that following best practice should be one of those things if you want to reach your potential in sales. - by Tony Dunne
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