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New and extremely enthusiastic - where to start?

Hello there,

I just turned 23 years old and I'm very keen to get into sales.

My background is debt collection, and I'm wanting to take the skills I learned from that role and apply them to a career in sales.

My question is this - where do I start?

I'm interested in the basics, and possibly some supplimental reading to further my knowledge in the area.

Would it be better for me to 'jump in' so to speak, and start 'doing' ASAP. Or should I learn a little bit first, through this forum/reading, and then start doing the practical side of things?

Thanks for your time.


- Dan - by Tempt
Here's a suggestion. If you follow it, you will have an advantage. Make it a personal project to study the relationship between Distribution, Technology, and Profit.

If you can gather an understanding about that complex, your career choices and advancement in sales will come much easier. - by Gary A Boye
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