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Sales 2.0 Conference

The Web seems to be loaded with sales experts who will tell you that the majority of sales efforts fail. Some claim as high as a 90% failure rate. Many of these same experts now suggest that Sales 2.0 is the golden goose so to speak.

Given "The death of sales 2.0" and the poor track record of previous suggestions (Think... 90% failure rate!) from many of the sales experts would you attend a sales 2.0 conference?

As a somewhat related question... How much failure would you have to personally experience in your own sales efforts before you would seek out higher quality sales education and training? - by Community Mailbox
At this time I doubt I would attend a Sales 2.0 Conference for at least two reasons; Hype and Credibility.

(1.) Hype - As I mentioned in "The Death of Sales 2.0", the label "Sales 2.0" appears be more hype than anything else.

For years there have been hypesters (certain trainers, authors, experts, etc.) promoting Sales 2.0 who could not define for us what Sales 2.0 even was (See... What exactly is Sales 2.0?) however that did not stop them from attempting to sell us their Sales 2.0 solutions.

With that being said, I find it difficult to support individuals or organizations encouraging or promoting such hype. I prefer to support those offering clarity instead of confusion.

To be clear, I DO support the use of web enabled technologies (i.e., Web 2.0) in the business or activity of selling. (See... Sales 1.0)

(2.) Credibility - In my experience, many of the promoters of Sales 2.0 (heralded as the new "future of selling") are the same people, or their followers, who were promoting the old "Future of Selling", which they now claim is obsolete. (See: Sales Predictions - The Sky is Falling)

As I mentioned in "The Demise of Relationship Selling"; "As far as I am concerned, had these trainers/authors got it right the first time their core selling skills and the skills of those they trained would be sufficient now and in the future". Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

See also... The Future of Selling - by Jeff Blackwell
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