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High energy sales meeting ideas

I am a sales manager in control of 14 sales professionals and my position requires me to host regular meetings to uplift and push my team forward.

Can anyone offer any ideas for high energy sales meetings or games that can be played as part of an early morning briefing? I need the team to be pumped and focused on the challenge for the day.

Thanks in advance - by salesman
Good topic.

As a young guy in my first sales job, I recall a very dynamic and patriarchal district manager running weekly morning sales meetings with an uptempo music intro as the staff assembled and took their seats.

I also recall that the particular office was the leader in sales among several on the west coast. - by Gary A Boye
The music intro is an excellent idea and I will definitely use it from now on.

I motivate my team by asking them to tell how they managed to "close" a sale and especially if it was a difficult or large one. This gets everyone's participation and is normally accompanied with humerus comments from the other salespersons, but done in a nice way.

To get everyone into a good mood, the last item on the agenda under "General", when everything is said and done, each salesperson has to tell one new joke. Meeting over and everyone leaves in a high spirit and on most days, still laughing. - by Murtu
Salespeople don't need or want to be uplifted and pushed. What they want is "high value" meetings in which they learn something that will make them more successful.

Isn't that what you want? - by JacquesWerth
In my experience the best sales meetings get the more boring and mundane stuff out of the way first.

Then i'd move to stories from the road, whats worked and what hasn't, get everyone involved, not just the outspoken or top performers.

From there I use a youtube or podcast to stimulate robust discussion. We don't have to agree with the content but there is generally a good reminder or two.

Motivation comes from within, the best chance you have of sparking motivation is to help your team develop skills, habits and belief in themselves and your offering.

As a high performing sales person nothing you say will effect my self image either positively or negatively. The best way for you to get more out of me would be by helping me get better at what i do and help me improve my professional self image. So more training and development and not so much hype. - by Tony Dunne
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