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Sales funnel as a management instrument in sales

Hello, my name is Dmitry, I'm currently working for an IT company in Russia as a head of a sales department. We sell software products. I just wonder does anybody of you use a sales funnel (воронка продаж) as one of the management instruments is sales? i.e. number of cold calls - number of meetings (presentations) - number of necessity decisions - number of meetings with decision makers - number of deals. If yes, what is the proportion of above mentioned steps in your business? - by Poroshin Dmitry
Hi Dmitri

Sales is a numbers game. One of the hardest areas to conquer as a sales manager is the predictability of production from your sales team. One of the most effective ways to monitor where each and every sales person is and where they are headed is by using a funnel template. Each defined step in the funnel is a check point.

Process and actions accountability are mandatory in creating a successful sales funnel.

I have seen many sales people that are great at entering prospects in to the funnel, but then drop the ball in other parts of the process. The same holds true for those who are not very effective at mining prospects but place all of their focus on developing the few prospects they have in to customers.

Which ever the case is, you , as the manager, can identify which part of their funnel is vulnerable and coach them in those areas.

This awareness also provides you the ability to better predict your team's outcome for the period.

One of the best funnels templates that I have seen comes from a well known guru of sales and marketing, Mr Jay Abraham.

I recommend you read some of his works. Many of them are free for the asking on his web site.

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