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Ever take away a deal by ripping up the contract?

Large ticket items....one night close....the take away is really powerful. I almost passed out the first time I took contract out a prospects hand and tore it up.
They were asking about the 3 day rescission clause that's on every contract (at least in NY) and when they asked me, in a way I thought they just looking for an out before they really took ownership, I took the contract away, told them they weren't ready to do this and tore it up. Ten minutes later I had a new contract signed and started my warm down... - by hudsonvalley
I had a recent phone conversation with Jacques Werth where I brought up the "take away close." It's part of sales lore, of course, and, like most of such tactics, it's mostly misunderstood.

Tearing up a contract in front of a prospect is extreme, and, although it might make good drama, it really is evidence that a weak sale has been made and the seller knows it.

Our advice here would be to strengthen the sales engagement itself. Tactics, "closing " tactics or otherwise, are merely attempts to repair what came before. It's better to work on what came before and produce stronger sales. - by Gary A Boye
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