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Newbie in telemarketing needs help

Hi Guys,

I Joined a company just 2 weeks ago as a telemarketer. I have no experience whatsoever and my company does not have a script. I call up companies after finding their numbers from Yellow Pages. I have made 50-55 calls so far without a single positive feedback. My company sells payroll software.

Any ideas for a script or any tip will be really helpful and help me build a bit of rapport and escape this newbie stare every1 gives me... - by subhayan
Out of curiosity... where did the idea of calling out of the phone book come from? - by Jeff Blackwell
This is the approach my seniors asked me to follow. - by subhayan
This is the approach my seniors asked me to follow.
Have they provided information as to what others before you have done to be successful in your position? - by Jeff Blackwell
The best advice i can give you is to try to take your target prospect from unaware to aware on the first call. A lot of people make the mistake of trying to go too far on a totally cold first contact. I'd say something like this:

Hi this is Tony from ______________payroll company, do you have a minute to talk?

Great, can i say straight up that you don't know me but my company has asked me to contact you to send you some info, from there i'll leave it with you for a few days and call you back to see if you think what we have is a good match for your business, would it be best to email you something or post it out?

From there at least you can build some awareness around what it is that you do without too much resistance upfront. - by Tony Dunne
Subhayan, it doesn't sound like the company is investing in its singular resource: people.

There are two basic dynamics which they have in abundance: scripts and detailed prospect lists. Clearly, they don't want you to be successful...!

I'd strongly suggest taking a second look at the other companies on your prospect list (when you found this job).

Good luck and Good Selling - by OUTSource Sales
Companies like this have a "churn factor" built into their plans. From your perspective, Subhayan, they are already thinking that you're "not making the grade".

According to the Job Boards: payment processing, hotels/entertainment, and call centres are burning through staff at an alarming rate. The annoying fact: they expect this level of turnover and don't invest the effort to train. You need to be with the best out there.

As you survey the next job, Subhayan, ask to see their training materials and scripts.

Good luck & Good Selling - by OUTSource Sales
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