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Global Sales Conversation

Is there such a thing as a global sales conversation? If so, what is everyone talking about? Is the conversation authentic or more of the same self-promotion seen elsewhere online? Does the dialogue create understanding about selling and sales or merely muddy the waters? (Think "Sales 2.0") - by Community Mailbox
When I think of a global sales conversation I envision a diverse group of participants from various locations around the world (China, South Africa, The Netherlands, United States, etc.) joining together in constructive dialogue to raise awareness and/or better understand sales and selling. To date I have not seen such a global sales conversation. - by Jeff Blackwell

For me, this is an excellent topic.

I agree, I have not seen a global conversation nor one that generated additional income.

The immediate challenge is the ability to engage in cross-cultural commerce and product promotion. Cultures have their own view of fair exchange.

I think the 2.0 concept is possibly aimed at those entering entrepreneurship for the first time. I know for certain, there are too many of the wrong people buying seminars on product launching then throwing out their shingle. Then they find it more than they can handle leaving the paying client short.

Since anyone can offer business services on the Internet, incompetence is on the rise. Suing international incompetence is almost impossible across jurisdictions. International law is extremely complex and often unfair.

The other foot is dropping as the quality is becoming diluted with novice participation.

After being burned with "global sales," the only people I deal with today, are those within my comfortable driving and flying range. Filing a law suit and testifying in the hopes to win a 10k reward in England, when you live in the the U.S. is counter productive. - by John Voris
Hello John. I would truly welcome a constructive dialogue to raise awareness and/or better understand sales and selling. With that being said, I question whether it would happen given the potential ramifications. - by Jeff Blackwell
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