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I noticed that a number of top sales bloggers have stopped posting regularly or have closed down their blogs altogether. I am referring to the most visited sales blogs based on Internet traffic volume as indicated by outside sources versus self reporting. Alexa Traffic Rank is an example. I wonder if this is a reality fueled by a low return on investment. Any thoughts on this? - by Community Mailbox
Most (yes most) sales blogs that I know of have relatively low traffic. You can check this out for yourself by typing in your favorite sales blog at www.alexa.com or any one of the many other traffic tools available online. Of course, quantity of traffic often takes a back seat to quality depending on the objective but that is another ball of wax.

As to be expected different people will start, maintain, and/or close a blog for different reasons. With that in mind, it is not unreasonable to think that a number of people jumped on the sales blogging bandwagon thinking it would bring them untold numbers of visitors and potential clients. For most (yes most) of those people and for a variety of reasons I sincerely doubt the return was worth the investment. - by Jeff Blackwell
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