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Sales Hard Talk

For one reason or another it seems like a large number of salespeople are not achieving the level of success they may want. This does not appear to be a new development. Maybe it is time for a hard talk about where people are getting off track and what needs to be done to get back on the path to success. Any thoughts on this? - by Community Mailbox
Entire books have been written on this subject so I will make my comments brief. If you need me to elaborate please let me know.

Of course "Success" can mean different things to different people. IF by "Success" you mean something similar to "the progressive realization of a worthy ideal" and you are looking for "for one reason or another" then I would suggest looking into the following areas:
  • Habits (thinking, feeling, doing)
  • Clarity of Vision (outcome)
  • Self-concept
  • Frames, Beliefs, and Values
  • Motivation to Act (drive)
  • Models (systems and strategies)
  • Pursuit (action, feedback, adjust)
  • Attention (maintain focus)
  • Knowledge, Skills, Abilities
- by Jeff Blackwell
I think quality of life, feeling of well being, accomplishment, and "success", can be, in many cases, but not all cases, related. However, they are not the same. What is common among them is that they can be fleeting. I look upon "success", the noun, as a utilitarian word; I don't see it as a commodity, and certainly not a Holy Grail.

We're not looking for definitions or semantics discussion. Associations might do. In that sense, I associate success with balance. All of us achieve "desired outcomes" in areas of life, but too many of us leave the other areas depleted.

In sales, many look for other things to work for us when it's "us" that should be doing the working. The old saw, "Am I working hard or hardly working?" can be applicable, and THAT is "hard talk" as the title of this thread proclaims, and it's always best if we ask it ourselves rather than have someone else ask it of us. - by Gary A Boye
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