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Selling is about persuading people to purchase things.

"Do not feel guilty about persuading people to purchase goods or services they do not know they need, always providing the goods are going to be useful to them or give them pleasure and the services really going to be of some service to them." - Victor Dunstan (How to Earn Big Money Selling!)

In the context of the quote provided would you agree with the idea that, "Selling about persuading people to purchase things"? - by Community Mailbox
Most people who go into the sales profession believe themselves to be good (or great) persuaders. So, they are always in the persuasion mode. That was a good thing when information was scarce.

Information is now readily available about every problem, product, and service. That makes it easy for prospects to find solutions to their problems.

It also make it easier to find prospects who want to buy than to find prospects who are persuadable. Prospects who already want to buy are usually resistant to and annoyed by persuasion.

Salespeople who sell without persuasion are generally more successful and enjoy their work more. - by JacquesWerth
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