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selling questions for people motivated by prestige/ego

Please list any questions that can be used to sell to people who are motivated by prestige and ego.

Please share any other methods that would help arouse these types of people in addition to or more effective than questions.

* How impressed will your friends be when they see you using product/service?

* How will that make you feel having the best product/service in the street?

* What do you think your friends will say when they see you using this product/service?

Can you think of any questions to arouse prestige and ego with the following words:
upper class
state of the art
distinctive - by Portaltera
I'll let this thread stand if only to make a point that most people would deny such motivation as "prestige" or ego."

With that said, it would be counterproductive to engage a prospective buyer with such questions. In some cases, they would resent the implication.

Rest assured I don't deny that pride of ownership--or perceived prestige--could be a factor, but it's best to leave those things between the prospect and his/her self.

It's a crucial understanding that honest, intrinsic questions are the building blocks of sales. There are much better paths and objectives in a sales interview for which to use them than that which has been suggested on this thread.. - by Gary A Boye
After being involved with BMW for many years we introduced into our qualification this question: "What appeals to you about BMW"?, a huge amount of people replied straight out that prestige was clearly on their agenda.

If a customer brings it up i think reaffirming the prestige of your product or service is fine, in the case of BMW a lot of buyers wanted prestige so we made sure we kept it on their radar during the buying process. It's defiantly not a card to over play. - by Tony Dunne
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