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Real Estate Agent vs Sales Rep

Well, I am new to the forums and have been browsing through them for a few weeks now but this is my first post, so I should start by introducing myself. My names James and I am 27. I have spent the last 12 years working along side my father in his bakery/ donut shop that he has owned for 30 years now.

I am making the most that my father feels my job is worth and that he can afford to pay me but i am only making 30k a year and i work 70 hours a week without fail. I work the biggest chunk of about 45 hours Thursday through Saturday.

I am currently wanting to take the business skills and the incredible gift of relationship building to another career path as to increase my income and outlook for a life long career.

I believe deep inside, without a doubt ( at the risk of sounding cocking ) that sales in any shape or form is something I can excel at. I actually spend my free time buying and reading self help books, books on selling, and the general fields of business. Unfortunately I do not have any college degrees, only a few credit hours here and there at a community college.

I am not foolish enough to think being a people person means success. I know that there is ALOT I do not even know the meaning of in the world of sales as I am fluent within the baking industry and setting up wholesale accounts for my father but we are a small, family business and I don't have any type of book work, P and L sheets, or margins. So I am clueless to the world of actual sales but i possess what i believe to be the drive and traits to be highly successful.

Sorry for the lengthy background but thought that it would matter to gain your insight on my question here....thank you for putting up with my rambling.

I am very much so pulled towards being a Real Estate agent. It is a dream of mine. Yet I know that in the real estate industry sales take a while to follow through and its said that in your first 6 months you'll sell your first house, and maybe a few in a year. So with only 1k in savings I am not sure how i would be able to stay afloat while I gain traction and yet so badly I feel a gut pull to this industry.

On the other hand, I know if I could manage to get a sales job...with no degree nor prior experience in an actual sales rep job (hard i know), that I would get a base salary plus coms., 401k, medical insurance, and all the things that come along with a decent sales job.

With real estate I get nothing but bills every month for advertising, fees, and no benefits period and no money till something is sold or bought through me.

I apologize for this post but I am getting concerned on my age, and that I want to have kids and buy a house soon that something needs to happen in the next few months and I just simply cant figure out which way to turn. I would rather real estate but with my lack of savings and its slow start up with return...is it feasible? - by Divine Favor
Hello James. Tell me more about how you envision yourself succeeding in real estate. Will you focus on Seller, Buyers, or both? How will you get the word out that you have the goods? - by Jeff Blackwell
James, do you believe that if you chose selling real estate, you would be the right person selling the right product for the right reasons?

The answer to that question will reveal the answer you're seeking in your post.

That particular question is the foundation of all worthwhile CAREER advice in selling. - by Gary A Boye
Thank you both for responding so quickly to my lengthy post.

I envision myself succeeding based on my passion behind it. I enjoy nothing more then meeting new people, helping people, and problem solving. Real estate is an undervalued importance in life and too many times I see people making bad MAJOR life decisions because of a good salesmen or a good buy/easy sell. Impulsive buying because your excited to be buying a new house is dreadful to those that do not think of small things that may bother or become a nuisance years into the purchase. (Yard size/shape, neighbors, property