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What is the secret of ethical selling?

Recently I came across a post in a sales blog where the author stated that the secret of ethical selling was in fact... Marketing.

In a nutshell, the author suggest that "desperation" causes people to sell unethically.

Below are a few quotes from that original blog post. I had submitted a couple of responses and will post those responses and a few others in this thread.
Desperate professionals overstep the mark.
Not all who are desperate will overstep the mark. Some people have ethics.

Not all who overstep the mark are desperate. Some people have no ethics.

So if it’s you, how do you stop that desperation causing you to sell unethically? Well, you either develop an iron will… Or in the real world, you remove the cause of the desperation. And that’s where marketing comes in.
IMO, the "don't test (tempt) me, I may fail" attitude leaves much to be desired.

If you find that your behavior is "unethical" under stress I would recommend examining your Values and Beliefs.

The idea being that, "If you have more than enough leads, it all becomes simple. No need to stray into temptation. No difficult decisions."
Again, Not all who overstep the mark are desperate. Some people have no ethics. Marketing will not change that.

Truth be told: ethical selling is pretty easy if you’ve got more leads than you need.
Hmmm... (shakes head in disbelief)

So marketing, good marketing, is the key to ethical selling.
IF/WHEN your marketing (good marketing) efforts fail to yield more than enough leads to stem your unethical selling THEN what? THEN will you address the underlying issue behind unethical selling? THEN will you hold yourself to a higher standard or will you instead somehow justify "cheating to win" (i.e., ethics violations)?

With that being said, in my opinion "The actions make the man" and "People are about as honest as their situation and conscience allows".

What is the secret of ethical selling in your opinion?

In my opinion, IF there is a "Secret" of ethical selling it is not "Marketing" it is "Ethics". - by Jeff Blackwell
I have never heard that there is a secret of ethical selling.

The Golden Rule crosses over into so many cultures on this planet that it would be quite difficult to keep it a secret. - by Gary A Boye
I could not agree more.

Of course "Ethics" are relative not absolute. For instance, in some camps "Selling" is viewed as something you do (convince, persuade, etc.) TO people while in other camps "Selling" is something you do (satisfy wants or needs) FOR people.

Since "Ethics" can vary from camp to camp what appears as "Ethical" to salespeople from Camp A could very well appear as "Unethical" to salespeople from Camp B. - by Jeff Blackwell
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