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Is Lying the Only Form of Dishonesty in Communication?

The topic is sales on SalesPractice. I realize this thread's topic covers a broader area. Of course, we're not talking about stealing or cheating,etc. Dishonesty as a communication tool--that's the subject?

Are there other forms in addition to lying? - by Gary A Boye
Here's one to get us started.

Blogs are communication, right?

Read a blog article recommending a famous guy's book. Click on the book's title (as if to learn more or order) and what do you get? How about the blog poster's MLM site!

It's amazing. I have read material written by some of the very top leaders in the Network Marketing industry, and, I confess that I have been impressed. They're bright, and I respect many of their world views. Some of them would be the first to tell you that the industry attracts many of the wrong people. I believe that's true and I say that as an outsider. Perhaps some people enter that field as an opportunity, perhaps one of desperation, to bring their deceptive ways out of the closet.

SO--put phony links on the list. - by Gary A Boye
How about intentional omission and/or misrepresentation of information. - by Jeff Blackwell
Yes. Two very strong examples.

How about rhetorical questions? Aren't they often used manipulatively?

SEE! I just demonstrated such behavior. Shame on me. Let's convey my point in a more honest straightforward manner. Here goes:

Rhetorical questions are often used manipulatively.

There--that's better. - by Gary A Boye
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