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Are Communication Skills Waning?

In today's business culture, people have access to communication tools that just a few years ago were almost unimaginable. I say almost because science fiction was certainly prophetic--even comic strips. Think Dick Tracy's Two Way Wrist Radio.

But--has the vast majority advanced in personal communication skills? Has modern technology, cyber-speak, and "Text Latin" impeded the ability of many to get their message across, or, get meaningful answers?

Thoughts? - by Gary A Boye
I would hazard a guess that most, yes most, people's personal communication skills leave much to be desired (Shocking, I know) with no marked improvement as of late.

Compound that with jargon (e.g., Cyberspeak, Text Latin) and/or text-based communication and you have an environment ripe for miscommunication.

IMO, the manner in which certain communication tools (e.g., cellular phone, e-mail) are being used, not the tools themselves, is impeding successful communication. - by Jeff Blackwell
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