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Top Sales Techniques - How to give it to 'em real good!

It is not easy to give it to 'em if you do not know what they want.

Steve Jobs once said, "A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them."

So what is a salesperson to do in such a scenario? - by Community Mailbox
It should come as no surprise that many salespeople will find it challenging to satisfy a customer's wants and/or needs while exceeding their expectations (give it to 'em real good) without understanding their customer's scenario (real or imagined) and key variables (e.g., decision criteria, protocol).

In many cases this mutual understanding can be reached through dialogue alone however that is not always the case (e.g., "I cannot tell you exactly but I will know it when I see it.").

Sometimes the most effective way to identify, clarify, and verbalize wants and/or needs and expectations is through broader participation in the customer's decision making process. - by Jeff Blackwell
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