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HELP!! how to find new leads??

Hi everyone

I am new at this forum, and I am looking forward to help others and find new ways to increase my sales skills.

I been in sales for most of adult life, and have always enjoyed it very much. I am secure and Have no problem with cold calling. And booking meetings, I would say that have been fairly successful, and my bosses have always been very pleased with my ability to sell and my enthusiasm.

I have been in my current sales job for about 2 years and I have enjoyed it very much and I like the B2B we sell, which is IT- Solutions to small and mid size companies (5-80 employees), I should probably inform you that I am in Norway and we just became 5 million people, last month:)
My problem these days is that I am falling out of leads and prospects. Our solution does not fit every business. Our main targets are companies that have the need to outsource there IT- department (cloud computinp, ASP). I keep trying to look for more companies to call and keep going through my list again and again, at the same time looking for new leads. As I feel that just to call every company from A-Z is a waste of time, but rather try to focus on one or two type of business at a time. (accounting firms, law firms, headhunters, Consulting firms, sales offices) I have tried to call other business such as Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, and construction companies, but have found that most of these companies donít have the need for ours service as they donít see the important that there data.

So I have been looking on the internet trying to find new ways to find leads and potential customers. I am hoping maybe somebody here can come with some Ideas to find potential customers or leads, at the same time as keep cold calling. As I feel there is always more ways to get new customers then just cold calling.

I have though about and suggested to my boss that maybe we could offer 50% off on their next monthly bill for every referral they bring and who singes a contract with us.

I hope to hear from you guys and your ideas you have.

Thank you for your time. - by Kimba71
You're looking for new leads when you should be looking for a new offer. Put together a new proposition and start calling people with it. Even the same people you've called before. - by Gary A Boye
Yes i agree with Gary, refine and rethink your offer. Once you've done that you could start thinking about positioning yourself as an expert. Someone who is a problem solver and brings value to your prospects in the early stages of contact regardless of wether you sell them or not.

For example: If you deal with Law firms you could ask the current firms that you have a relationship with what are the top 5 problems they have in their business and how do they handle the problems? It doesn't matter if the problems are related to what you sell or not.

Once you interview a hand-full of current clients you could then put together a White Paper called, "The top 5 Problems & Solutions for Law firms". From there you could use this to help open the door with prospects by delivering something of value before you even sell them anything. If you do this well you will set yourself apart from all your competition and at the same time learn more about your current customers and prospects. - by Tony Dunne
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