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Self-discipline for sales success

What does self-discipline mean to you, do you view self-discipline as a pillar of sales success, and how is self-discipline achieved? - by Community Mailbox
I often view self-discipline as the ability to get ones self to behave in a certain way even when it is not your natural inclination. For example I may not feel like doing something (e.g. prospecting, "hold my tongue"), preferring instead to do something else (e.g., surf the web, "speak my mind"), but I get myself to do it (e.g. prospecting, "hold my tongue") anyway.

Success in any domain (e.g. sales) requires a certain level of performance (e.g. behavior). As an extreme example, in situations where just showing up wins the race (e.g., when you are the only participant) "showing up" is the required level of performance.

For me self-discipline can be achieved if I maintain a broad perspective and bring a different frame (e.g., frame of reference) to bear upon or relate to the situation. Until these ways of operating are habitual the required level of performance may be easier said than done when under stress. - by Jeff Blackwell
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