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The New Rules of Selling - The New Way to Sell

It seems like every year there is someone trying to convince salespeople of the new rules of selling or the new way to sell as if there current selling skills were suddenly obsolete? Do you believe effective selling skills are in jeopardy of sudden obsolescence? - by Community Mailbox
I do not know what qualifies as "effective selling skills" in your book but I cannot think of any selling skills that are in immediate danger of obsolescence.

I too come across promotional titles claiming the end of selling as we know it, the new way to sell, selling is dead, etc. This type of hype is nothing new. I have a book from 1909 titled, "The New Salesmanship" and the hype continues from there.

With all that being said, it is possible that no small number of salespeople through the years have picked up or been given questionable information regarding selling. I believe those individuals are at greatest risk of finding their information and associated skill sets rendered obsolete at some point during their careers. - by Jeff Blackwell
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