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Reduce to the Ridiculous

Please post your scripts for: "Reduce to the Ridiculous Close." - by Jeff Blackwell
Mr. Jones there is a 1200 dollar difference in your offer and what my product costs. The cost is what the cost is, and there is really nothing either of us can do about that. when you take the time to look at this project please consider this. Conservatively, this product will give you a minimum of 10 years of good service. That breaks down to 120 dollars a year. 12 months in a year gives you only 10 dollars a month. 4.33 weeks in a month makes the project just 2.37 a week. 7 days in a week is only 33 cents a day. Mr. Jones you certainly aren't going to let a mere 33 cents stand between you and such a fine quality product are you? Great! Let's get the project started.


Mr. Jones It kind of puts things in perspective doesn't it. We'll do a great job for you.


Mr. Jones if you can look me straight in the eye and tell me that 33 cents a day is unaffordable for you I'll pack up right now. So why don't we go ahead and get your project started.


(depending on rapport built) Smile real big hand him a dollar and say , Here let me make the first 3 investments for you. - by klozerking
This is what I use in Vacation Sales.

1. " Mr. Prospect, this package includes 3 different vacations, a total of 12 nights of accommodations for the low price of $798.00. That works out to be $66 per night. Do you feel that is an incredible deal?"

2. " Mr./Mrs. Prospect, we are only charging $798 for the vacation for 2 people. That works out to be $2.18 a day for the next 12 months. I am sure you can afford $2 a day for an all inclusive 8 days 7 night Florida Cruise Vacation, am I right?" - by MattyB
Depending on the client. A 1000 dollar suit compared to a 100 dollar suit and the years the 1000 dollar suit lasts comnpared to the one year
I love the car analogy. People spend 50 grand or more for a car they keep for four years to purchase another.Lets make this a thing of the past. - by rich34232
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