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Please post your scripts(s) on asking for: "Referrals."
- by Jeff Blackwell
EXAMPLE: Flooring

"Mr./Mrs. Customer you look excited about your new tile floors. Congratulations, I think you made a great choice.

We're done here so I'm going to be on my way. I'm off to see if I can find someone else like yourself who is interested in transforming their old rooms into showrooms with new flooring. Say, maybe you could help me out.

First, would you feel confident referring our company to your friends or neighbors who might be interested in updating their floors too?

Yes? Great, over the last couple of months which of your friends or neighbors has expressed an interest in home improvements?" - by Jeff Blackwell
Folks, it has been a pleasure working with you. I would love to have more clients like you. Do you have any friends, family or associates that you would like to introduce me to that might want to hear more about our service? - by WobblyBox
Who do you know, maybe a friend or someone from work, who is wanting to make a similar move in the near future? - by AZBroker
Although you can't use this service today perhaps you know someone who can.

Can you think of anyone in your (Office, Club, Church, Neighborhood) that would benefit from an increased monthly income? Would you mind if I gave them a call? - by BossMan
Would any of your friends, neighbors or co-workers be interested in hearing about our program? - by Mikey
There is a time after the sale when one of them is filling out the contract and the other one is doing nothing. This is actually an awkward moment sometimes because the other person is alone with their thoughts and maybe reconsidering the whole deal. This is an IDEAL time to get that person to give referrals. Not only does it give that person something else to do, but subconciously it recommits them to the sale. (Have a referral form already because it helps and is very usefull) "Hey if you could just fill this out for me it would really help and it will only be me that see's them." "If they want to see the XXX great, if not no biggie, but it would really help me out, thanx" Assume that person will do it. Hand him/her the form then go away after you say it and attend to the person filling out the contract. We all know referrals are generaly the best leads. In my experience I have found that if you "Press" for them, they are harder to get. However if you assume to the referring party that it's part of the sale, then they are far easier to get. - by vacmag
Be careful - Because you might without realising it be entering the pushy sales person no-go-zone. So:

Read Vacmags good advice again [see his post above] and try and combine it with this: Engage the quiet one in some small talk, Say words to the effect of; " I was never cut out to be a sales rep. Nope, when I told my wife I had taken this job she laughed, you a sales rep she said, why you couldn't sell hot water bottles to Eskimos, well at first she was right, I couldn't, but then I discovered that more often than not people who go for this offer, invariably have a friend or a relation who might want one, and I found that quite a lot of clients buy two to give one to sister or a friend and .... NOW STOP SPEAKING ...................... The quiet ones might just walk into the trap you've just set for him / her.

*Advice: Home sales. Clients age range for the majority of buyers is between 18 and 45, over 45 they are savvy, distrusting and its harder to sell to them. Remember the one who never speaks is always a sales spoiler. Remember parents and the elderly if present are always sales spoilers. So when ever you sell to anyone [with a non-resident friend present] arm yourself [protect the sale] with a big build up of what a REPUTABLE FIRM WE ARE script. Rehearse key words and sentences such as> Its funny, but you picked the same colour as Dr McAvoy. Thats strange your the 5th person this week who insisted on that model, [this is the art of selling- the subtle good boy/good girl you are word scenario] - by Incidentally
I find sometimes that a direct aproach works well, especially with customers that have indicated that they know how I get payed.
one customer made sure he bought the van from me this month because he wanted to be certain I was payed my commission on my next check, even though I had never told him anything about that or that I was commission based. so after he left I did a follow up call to adress any questions or concerns and then at the end of the call i cassually asked

"So Bob, Who is next?"

He gave me a lead on a customer that is currently In the market for a work van. - by Jaron Watkins
Dr. Jones, do you know any other physicans whose practice could benefit from this product.

Great, would you mind giving him or her a call?


Ms. Nurse Manager,

Do you know of any other department heads who may be facing difficult airway issues?

Would you mind giving that person a call to see if they could take a few minutes to visit with me?

These have worked for me and often generated an instant warm calls. It is awesome to take an elevator to visit another department with a referral rather than cold call or get in my car and drive to another hospital.

Good Selling!

Sell4alivn - by Sell4alivn
Done right, you can often get your new customer to qualify your next prospect ... and if you are confident enough, you can get your new customer to get you an appointment! thmbp2;

At conclusion of sale in a residential environment:
'Thanks for the order (or whatever is appropriate).
'I'm going to be calling on a few of your neighbors. Would you mind if I mentioned that you bought your (whatever) from me? Your customer doesn't mind.

'Thank you. Specifically, I plan to talk to the McClintocks on your left, and Wortmans and Gradys across the street. Of those three, who do you think would be most interested in (your product or service)?

Assuming your customer names one of the neighbors, you can just say thanks, or, if you have very good rapport, you could continue:

'Do you know Mr. Wortman well enough to call him on the phone?'

If yes, 'Would you do me a favor and call him and tell him that your are pleased with the service I have given you and as a favor to you, would he see me for a few minutes?' - by Jerry Bresser
Congratulations on the purchase of your new _____. You've made a great decision! Now i have a favor to ask of you.

In my business my most valued resource is a satisfied customer. My priority is to knowing you are satisfied. You are comfortable with your investment decision, aren't you?
If your friends and family were here now, would you introduce us to one another?

That's exactly what I would like to ask of you. Would you mind if I called and introduced myself and my service to two or three of your friends and family? - by martykapp
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