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I've never heard of your company.

XYZ Sales is one of the oldest and largest widget consulting companies in the State. We've been in the industry since 1892 and in that time we've helped thousands of widget companies, just like yours, to (cut waste, reduce costs, increase profits, etc.).

We do this by first sending a widget specialist to your place of operation. Once there, the specialist will perform a diagnostic review of your entire operation for the purpose of identifying problems and recommending solutions in trouble areas such as taxes and accounting, sales and marketing, inventory control, and paper flow.

What is one of the biggest problems you are facing in your business today? - by Guest
That's great.That means we have been doing a great job of satifying our customers. I'm sure you have heard the old axiom about a satisfied customer being quiet and content, while a disgruntled customer tells 10 of his friends and so on.

Anyway, I'm certain very few people had heard of Microsoft (or Wal-mart, Cisco, etc...) before 1985 either, but that didn't work out so bad.

Since we are fortunate to have a clean slate, what part of my company's services/product/benefits can I educate you on so you'll feel more comfortable? - by jrdickens
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