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We want a better price/ discount.

Please post your response(s) to: "We want a better price/ discount." - by Community Mailbox
Assuming we could give you better pricing, what other factors besides price could have an impact on your decision? - by SalesGuy
I understand that price is very important to you, as it is me. But whats more important to me is the [product] has everything that you need and that you like the [product]. You wouldn't pay for [product] if you didnt like it would you?" - by jrboyd
What price did you have in mind?

Exactly what percentage discount do you have in mind?

If the client commits to a price no matter how outrageous it may be that is a commitment! (In my opinion) - by MPrince
You state that you would like a better price? Usually that infers you are comparing in the marketplace? What are the existing prices that we need to better today?

In my opinion it's just a matter of wanting to get the BEST deal and not look like a fool...

"Mr Customer - I'm not here to seel you 1 car, or 2 or even three, my goal today is to give you the best possible experience AND the best price you will get from any of our dealers, so that you, your family, your work colleagues and you neighbors all grow to purchase directly through me, because you will eventually learn that you can trust me and what I will do for you"

et al. - by Morgasshk
Either, "What price were you looking for?" OR my favorite..."I get the feeling that you're concerned you're not getting the best price...is that fair to say?" -this one works because a) your prospect is not expecting this response from you and b) it forces your prospect to share more information which helps you gain more clarity and leverage in the selling situation! - by CoachMaria
Please post your response(s) to: "We want a better price/ discount."
The response I have used for years--successfully--is this.

"I can't give you a better price. If I could I would. But I know this price is fair--VERY fair."

You have to UNDERSTAND the customer. EVERYBODY wants a better price. That DOES NOT mean it is a prerequisite for buying.

"We want a better price/ discount." is NOT an objection. It is an honest statement. " "I can't give you a better price." is also an honest statement. It's OK for two parties to make honest statements. - by Gary A Boye
I see a ton of sales people get hung up on a price objection. I agree with Gary that it's really not an objection.

Looking at it in terms of an objection, it is the easiest one to overcome. I don't believe that there is just one magic phrase to respond with. Come up with a guide that works for you.

I always let customers vent about the price, and I usually will support it by saying "These are expensive systems, and its usually an expense that is unexpected. I would rather justify my price once for you, rather than apologize down the road for an improper installation."

Obviously, that is geared towards my industry but the concept is the same everywhere. Let them gripe about the price, and agree with them about the price. All you have to do then is justify your price, if you believe in what your selling, its easy! - by JimHuntsman
It seems to me as soon as client states that a better price is wanted most sales people automatically want to drop their price thinking that the sales is a done deal. I have a difficult time with accepting this concept. As Gary has stated, this alone will not prevent the sale from moving forward.

At this time I have three options as a sales person. I can drop the price which still does not guarantee a sale. I can stay firm with no further discussion and possibly loose the sale. Or I can ask questions. I like the question of why? Once I understand and know why the client wants a lower price I now can provide the proper reasons to own at my price for him or her. I believe at this time it is no longer an emotional response to own and is now leading to a logical response and action to own. This is what I call reasons to own and I must have reasons why more people do business with me on this very product and service.

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