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We're not in a hurry.

Please post your response(s) to: "We're not in a hurry." - by Community Mailbox
Would it be to your advantage to have this problem resolved in the next 90 days? - by Liberty
Great, this is the best time for you to make a decision.

If you wait until you ARE in a hurry to buy, your judgment could get clouded and you could feel extra pressure to make the right decision. - by tbeezy
I understand that this project is not a priority. However, you mentioned that "X" was a concern for you.

Tell me what if "X" happened and you weren't able to "Y". What would be the implications of this situation?

With that in mind, wouldn't it make sense to be proactive now and avoid "X"? - by Sell4alivn
I think I understand. Other than your timing, is there anything else that would prevent you from doing business with us today? - by TimePro
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