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Indirect Close

Please post your scripts for the "Indirect" close: - by Jeff Blackwell
Our trucks deliver twice a week, which is better for you?, Tuesdays or Thursdays? - by TommyMac5
If the example given by TommyMac5 is what you mean by Indirect close Socrates invented this one - it is the Minor Alternative.

I prefer this way to refer to it too, as that is what we are doing, making the decision about a minor element and providing an alternative, as with "Do you want to pick it up or would you prefer us to deliver it for you?" - by Gold Calling
I thought some time in the past I heard that referred to as a double-bind close or some such...

"We have it in red, but also in gray - which would be better for you, because we can do either one."

When I learned it, was told never to leave the question hanging, but to follow it up with a distracting statement, such as "...because we can handle whichever..."

I think nowadays with folks becoming so savvy in dealing with Sales Psychology, this close should be well-timed. I've seen people do it waaaaaaay too early. Then again, I've seen people do hard closing way to early, period - Trial Closes, too. - by DynamicMentalFitness
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