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We're satisfied with what we have.

Please post your response(s) to: "We're satisfied with what we have." - by Community Mailbox
I appreciate your frankness. Tell me, if the situation was different and you were looking what, if anything, what would you want the see different in the next (car, photocopier, etc.) - by BossMan
I can definitely understand that Mr. customer. Tell me, if there was 1 thing you could change about "vendor/product/service", what would it be? - by Craigmax
this is just like every other thread in this section....you just agree with the customer.... dont try to fight them.... and just you appreciate that and you totally know they arent gonna buy a thing, however, you just get credit for the demo..and just letting you give them a basic overview, you get credit..... and carry on presenting your product..... - by planrecruiter
I can appreciate that, when you are ready to change what would you like this to do better for you? - by rich34232
Please post your response(s) to: "We're satisfied with what we have."
Try this--

The mind works in a dialectic process working positive against negative. When a tennis player is teaching someone the right way to hold a racket for example, the wrong way becomes implicit.

After the prospect says, "We're satisfied with what we have," paraphrase the following:

Well that's great. We are always on the look for what our competitors are doing. Could you help us out and tell me what they offer that we don't? (People always want to feel important which is what helping offers)

As they list what their supplier (your competitor) offers, you will interrupt, describing how you offer the same and or better. Their list will come to a quick end at which point they will see that maybe their view was inflated. Also, they soon realize that they really don't know enough about your company to make an intelligent decision. (No one wants to look stupid)

Through this process, the negative begins to cling to the coat tails of the positive. Your job is to listen for the opportunity. Also, separate their satisfaction with the company from the product and again from their representative.

And if you can, include their business as a metaphor in discussing their definition of the word "satisfaction." You may be very surprised at their understanding. - by John Voris

“With advances in the __________business it makes good sense keep your knowledge of the latest developments and issues up to date to make sure you don’t miss anything.

As my product is about the most expensive on the market it is widely accepted as being the most complete package available and is definitely the leading product out there.

What we do is diagnose your needs and show you how our product can help you, if you can see the extra value then that’s great

At that stage you can either;
  • Decide to take us up on our proposal..
  • Decide to take a scaled down version of what we recommend.
  • Or, stay with the company your with and ask them to change a few things based on what you’ve picked up from our proposal.

In any case our time spent together will be of real value to you………”
- by Tony Dunne
I love this one, it really helps in the pain discovery process. I.E. " Mr. Prospect, I think it is great that you are already happy with what you are currently doing, before I go could I ask you a question about what you currently have?(expect a yes). Would you share with me what you like about what you currently have (reinforce every the prospect tells you...be the good cop). When he finishes, make a general reinforcement statement then ask if you can ask one more question (expect a yes). If there was just one thing that you would like to see an improvement on what you are doing, no matter how insignificant that one thing might be, what would that improvement be. Now you have a basis for a presentation. If you discover he doesn't have any suggestions for improvement, then you are dealing with a suspect. - by triadtraining
Thats what your neighbor said until he listened.

Everyone says that as a natural defense. What is the real reason, have you owned the product before?

Everyone says there not interested until the understand what I'm talking about.

Oh no I'm not a banker. What? Oh I thought you said something else.

Is that what you tell all the old bald men?

Thats fair, is it my shoes or the company you don't like.

Are you mad at me? - by cs80918
You can just ignore them and try to change the subject.

My feet are killing me it must be my new shoes.


-Do you know what your neighbord has? Do you think they would like to save money or would they just say their satisfied with what they have?

-Everyone says their not interested until they listen.

-Thats why I'm here

-I knew you would say that, everyone always says the same thing, the society we live in today is so fast paced and computerized that people just aren't as friendly or trusting as days gone by, I'm here to offer my service, I'm not here to force you into buying, we've made some recent improvements that you might not know about and it might be something you like - by cs80918
Please post your response(s) to: "We're satisfied with what we have."
If we are seriously interested in the prospect, which is a state of mind that makes for successful selling, we can demonstrate that by asking about what the prospect has.

If we want to try out or demonstrate rebuttals, transparency will rear its head---and that does not make for successful selling. - by Gary A Boye
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