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We already have enough.

Please post your response(s) to: "We already have enough." - by Community Mailbox
I can see that you've made an excellent start! Why don't we do a quick review of what you've done already, and then you'll know for sure? I have some things that have just been introduced, and they are much more cost effective than the previous choices. - by becomingkate
I can see that you have made some good choices but how pleased are you with the response. Do you feel you are hitting your intended targets? Has your business increased according to the amount of money you have invested? - by MPrince
I come from the school, where the salesmen, "agrees, turns the objection around, and then closes" - by Jumpman
More detailed response....

I understand you already have enough newspapers delivered to your house sir. However, this newspaper will help you save $150.00 worth of coupons for the entire month, which will be more than enough than the entire 8 week subscription. Try it out, and at least go for the savings. I know you and your wife need to save money in this economy right?? - by Jumpman
I understand you feel you have a great e-mail follow up system.

A lot of our customers felt the same way.

But what they found when they tried our service was that their customers commented about the personalized cards they recieved far more than they commented about the e-mails they received.

Wouldn't it be great if your customers remembered your correspondence? - by Sell4alivn

Yes I always agree with "the jumping on the bandwagon" tactic. Nobody wants to feel left out, and that has to be utilized!

If you are selling residential, make sure you keep a list of other neighbors that you have signed up. Show that to the customers that you trying to sign up, after you have permission from those current customers.

That is one of the easiest but strategic ways of making sales! - by Jumpman
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