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Your out of line on price.

What price were you expecting to pay? - by BossMan
What is it worth to have this problem solved? - by Agent Smith
Why do you say that? I don't usually get that feedback. - by Gary Boye
Do you have a product/service similar to ours that you are comparing this to? - by SalesGuy
This is why i say, when youre selling a fairly pricey product or service always use a takeaway..say something like
"These are considered by many of my shoppers to be very very expensive, so like i say not everyone is in position to have this product or service...this is only for people who put the quality of the product as their top priority... thats why i say this other product/service is much easier to attain...!!"

While youre saying this to the customer, create the alternative in their mind either by demonstration or talking.... for example a lady really like one purse that cost $80 but says its too pricey, passively mention somethign great about the purse and then say that not everyone can handle the price of this purse....that is for the more selective shoppers... however we have this other purse that is more reasonably...

show another purse that is not quite as attractive.... say that its only say $60 and you will even take an additional $5 off bring it down to $55....

if you do this right....she will ask if can take $5 off of the original higher end purse....the one she really wants... maybe even has the money for, but just cant quite justify getting unless she at least gets a slight deal....

now you can say "....well, sure I could give you the discount on the nicer purse.... but thats only if youre prepared to take it today...!!??"

You can do the same thing with almost any expensive product....compare it to the alternative and make it seem as though your selling the alternative and then use a take away close....to get the final order... - by planrecruiter
Many of our new customers told us that until they found out.... [add value]

Or maybe....

What price were you hoping to hear? - by jdedwa11
How do you mean?
How much to much?
Can you pay too much for something you like. Have you ever purchased a similar product for less only to return it due to premature failure?
Quality is rarely cheap.cheap is never quality.
Is it in your best interest to compromise on quality,is it in your best interest to compromise on service and possibly service after the sale.
Compared to what?
Will price be your only concern?Would you like to know why more people use me.
Why do you feel that way?
Would you agree that you deserve the best.
I used to ask what did you expect to pay. What I found the client gave me a really outragiously low number. When I ask how much to much they are realativey close to the price I suggest. On a 400 dollar item when you ask how much were you expecting to pay they may say 50.00.Ask how much to much they may say we are 50 dollars to high.It is easier to justify the lower number with value. - by rich34232
How much to much?
Compared to what?
Would you agree you deserve the best
Is it in your best interest to compromise on quality,is it in your best interest to copromise on service and possibly service after the sale?
Quality is seldom cheap and cheap is rarely quaility
Have you ever pruchased a similar product only to find you had to return it due to premature product failure?Then give a story
Would you like to know why more people use me?
How do you mean?
Mr Client Would you agree that it is better to spend more then you thought than less then you should?Story time
Other clients have done your shopping for you Mr Client,how about giving me a try.
Will price be your only concern today?If so why?
Would you like to know more about us?( the company)
You must know your client and know which way to go with them
Whenever I asked the question of what were you expecting to pay I always received an outragiously low number.Let us say the product is 400 dollars they may say they expected to pay 50 dollars. I ask how much to much they are more likely to give me a number closer to what I have suggrested as in 50 dollars to high. It is easier to justify a less amount. - by rich34232
Again this is based on car sales:
"Mr. Client were you looking at paying for this all in cash, or are you like the rest of us and on a budget? (Majority say they are on budget) Well if we can find a way to fit this into your monthly budget is there any other reasons you wouldn't take this vehicle home today? (Flush out any other objections) - by jrboyd
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