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Please post your response(s) to: "Don't know how to tell my ... (spouse, partner, supplier, etc.)." - by Community Mailbox
I would suggest letting the product speak for itself to your (spouse, partner, supplier....") He or she may end up being thrilled that you found it. - by destiny
You have to talk to your spouse/partner Do you have any concerns about my proposal?
Do you have any doubts about my ability to take care of this for you?Do you have any doubts about my companys ability to deliever on our promises
Mr prospect tell me is it the price? - by rich34232
this is a false objection.our job find out the real reason. The decision maker has been left to discuss the issue. This objection tells us our rpoposal is flawed or price. we need to explain more or give more information of why people use me for this - by rich34232
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