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Wants / Needs

Please post your scripts(s) for discovering the buyer's: "Wants/ Needs." - by Jeff Blackwell
Do you have an idea of what you're looking for? Please describe it to me. - by Agent Smith
Considering what you already have, what improvements do you wish you had? - by ginoayn
What features or benefits do you want? - by Mikey
I think most objections such as want and need come from a false idea of price. The want is driven by the need. The more they need the more they want it, they buy due to liking what they want.

How long have you had this problem? What would you like it to do better?
Have you had this before and what did you do?What would you like it to do better?
Would you agree that you have needed this but just have not wanted to do it.
How can you spend to much for something you like,have you ever pruchased something similar for less only to return it. Lets make this a thing of the past.
How is this working out for you?
Would you agree that it is better to spend more then you should than less then you should. Qaulity is rarely cheap and cheap is never quality. - by rich34232
simple questions of why. I do not need that. Why do you feel that way.How you mean? or How do you mean? - by rich34232
What has been some of your frustration with vendors in the past? - by dlytle1
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