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Please post your scripts(s) for discovering the buyer's: "Agenda."
- by Jeff Blackwell
What are you hoping to accomplish with our meeting today? - by SalesCoach
What do you want to happen today? - by SalesGuy
So, why am I here? - by ikrieger
Personally, I like to set the agenda at least in part.......

Nurse Jones, I would like to cover your current method of managing your crash carts and any issues that you are having.

Then I would like you to tell me what your ideal situation would be to handle the existing issues.

Is there anything else you would like to cover?

Usually I am pretty clear on why am meeting with a prospect because most of the time I have initiated the meeting. - by Sell4alivn
It's easy to coin a phrase or latch onto a couple of questions and stand them up as examples of how to uncover an agenda. I've studied thousands of scripts and like the other pros here have probably internalized combinations of many of them in ways that arise when the circumstance requires them to arise.

Look at martial arts or comic improv and you find studies in how to respond to the immediacy of a situation through alertness and internalized responses. Aikido and Ba gua are two of my favorite martial arts which stress being fully relaxed and responsive in meeting your partner in action without pre arranged moves - you meet what comes at you.

In a sales situation that relaxed and responsive movement creates a conversation, and because I've trained myself to listen in a focused way by paying attention to answers given AND with training in journalism which gave me insight into the question asking process, I'm able to get a cart full of information in five, ten minutes - longer conversations produce even more wealth,

All the questions I've read posted so far are good ones. Another is: Is there anything else we need to discuss to meet your expectations?

MitchM - by MitchM
Two perspectives:
1. "Agenda" meaning the buyer's motivation; and,
2. Agenda meaning topics for today's meeting;

"Agenda"-related probing:
1. what specific criteria swayed you from your previous supplier to your current one?
2. when you've done this in the past, how was it perceived by management?
3. is there a possibility that "politics" might get in the way of proceeding? How might we ensure that we alleviate this getting in the way?

Agenda-relating probing:
1. what subjects would you like to cover today?
2. (md-point in meeting), we've got about 20 minutes left, what are the critical items which we need to cover? - by OUTSource Sales
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