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Please post your scripts(s) for discovering: "Competition." - by Jeff Blackwell
What other solutions have you been considering? - by SalesCoach
What other homes have you seen? Did you see any that you liked? - by AZBroker
Who else are you considering for this project? - by WobblyBox
Are you already working with an agent? - by AZBroker
Have you talked with other companies/ agents? - by SalesGuy
If you were to use a service like this sometime in the future which company would you go with?

(None) Good to know.

(Acme Supply) How did you choose that vendor? - by BossMan
Do you intent to interview more than one vendor for this project? Who else will be interviewing? - by BossMan
What else have you looked at? - by BossMan
Are you happy with your current vendors/partners?


Yes; We are similar in many respects..

No: We are different in these ways... - by ginoayn
Who else are you talking to? - by Agent Smith
Please post your scripts(s) for discovering: "Competition."
Anything with "what" in it is usually good. "Who" is just poor selling. [See Posting Rules: Fact vs. Opinion]

I can't improve on BossMan's "What else have you looked at?" or AZBroker's "What other _____ have you seen? Did you see any that you liked?"

Those are just congruent with good sales conversationalist skills. - by Gary Boye

Can you remember last year when we had our [Our] look at all three models advert running, we actually asked to buyers to look at all three models on the market, and to compare them, we did well with that offer, buyers appreciated it, they needed to be reassured that they are not buying in haste, off course you have to have confidence in your products to make an offer like that, and know the competition products inside out.
JUST LET ME SHOW YOU THIS, -----------------------

Does Jeff in the workshop still work here? I remember him telling me that this was for him a BIG winner. I can recall United Blogs saying exactly the same thing, but guess what they've all overlooked ----- its the fact that the part exchange allowance can pay for a third of the overall cost ----------and we offer easy finance and free delivery, some offer eh?
feed him more line, and keep him / her interested. - by Incidentally
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