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Windshield Time

I travel a lot which makes for alot of "Windshield Time." While traveling I get the feeling that I should be doing something productive. What does everyone else do? - by Jackie
I once had a position where I had to travel between three (3) States. I listened to audio books for a while. I also rehearsed my presentation a lot. - by Gilbert
I used to work in outside sales with a pretty big territory (read:drive time). I found two things that helped.

1) if you know you have to go somewhere for an appointment, look in your prospect list for all others who are close by or on the way and either try to get an appointment there, too, or plan to stop in and do a "drop off" (brochure) and that gives you an excuse to follow up via phone in a day or two. Also, if you have existing clients on the way or in the area, use it as an opportunity to stop in to see how things are going for them and if there is anything you can do to help them.

2) if not in big traffic, make use of your cell phone to do follow up calls, return calls or prospecting. This can be tricky while driving, and I am not a fan of it, but it does help make good use of time.

Lastly, I have always liked a good motivational tape or sales strategy tape to listen to while I am on the road. It helps me get pumped up for my next appointment.

If all else fails: Rush Limbaugh from 12-3 EST, Sean Hannity 3-6 or some good old fashioned head banger music!!!!!!!!! - by Hunter
I'm with Hunter. Make the most use of your time when you can and when there's nothing left to do relax. - by Jolly Roger
I tell my clients that when they're travelling by car, they should turn off the radio and turn on their minds. This is a good time for some creative thinking. I also recommend carrying a portable recorder along with you to capture all those great ideas. Saves trying to write something down while speeding down the highway. My second choice is audio book and the occasional motivational tape or CD. - by Saleswizard
I used to drive a lot too and occupied my time in a variety of ways:

- Listening to motivational tapes and CDs
- Planning and rehearsing my presentation
- Listening to the radio
- Driving in complete silence
- Making calls (business and personal)

Do what feels right at the time. - by Kelley Robertson
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