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Serious Buyer/Seller

Please post your scripts(s) for: "Serious Buyer/Seller". - by Jeff Blackwell
How serious are you about buying acquiring this piece of equipment? - by Mikey
Realistically, when do you plan to move forward with this? - by AZBroker
Is your partner (boss, spouse, etc.) equally committed to the program or is this mainly your idea? - by Agent Smith
How committed are you to turning this situation around? - by SalesGuy
At the beginning of the sales call , I will say this:

Mr. Prospect, when you read the voucher which part of the package appealed to you the most?

Mr. Prospect, on a scale of 1 to 10 where would you place yourself on your desire to actually go on this vacation in the next couple of years? - by MattyB
Please post your scripts(s) for: "Serious Buyer/Seller".
When I give you the solution we are looking for today, I assume we will move ahead with the solution right away? - by sellin4alivin
I gauge my buyers by the time urgency questions: when do you expect to make this purchase/decision - by dlytle1
What has made you decide to move forward today?

Why today?

Is there something that changed your mind to take care of this today? - by rich34232
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