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Buying Criteria

Please post your scripts(s) for discovering the buyer's: "Buying Criteria". - by Jeff Blackwell
What are you looking for in a service like this? - by SalesCoach
What criteria will you be using when choosing a supplier? - by SalesGuy
Are there any specific requirements that need to be met? - by BossMan
Can you give me an idea of what is working for you now? - by ginoayn
What is most important to you with this purchase? Is it price, quality, ??? - by Mikey
Please post your scripts(s) for discovering the buyer's: "Buying Criteria".
If we are successful in producing a solution today, is there any reason not to move forward? - by sellin4alivin
Is it important that the vendor you select -- {insert a unique capability your company has here}?

Example: "Is it important to you that the vendor you select can deliver supplies you order in 24 hours?" - by AdirondackKid
I do not use a script . The direction of my conversation is what have you done in the past,I see what they are doing presently and what do you want it to do for you in the future. - by rich34232
Please post your scripts(s) for discovering the buyer's: "Buying Criteria".
One question won't be enough. It has to be a series of questions, like the ones described in "Sales Role #3: The Architect" in Getting into Your Customer's Head by Kevin Davis:

The Architect's Four-Step Design Process (from page 98)
  1. Understand the client's intangible concept.
  2. Determine the must-have requirements necessary to achieve the concept.
  3. Refine the concept by identifying nice-to-haves.
  4. Determine the relative importance of each nice-to-have to the client.
(I only have the German edition, so you must look up the questions in the original.) - by Alexander
How do you usually go about acquiring this kind of product/service? - by helisell
What's the best option you've seen so far? - by helisell
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