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Top of Mind Awareness

What are some of the better ways for creating "Top Of Mind Awareness"?

- by AZBroker
I'd suggest consistency of message (Purple Cow) and delivery (Short Term Memory). - by SalesGuy
I'd suggest consistency of message (Purple Cow) and delivery (Short Term Memory).
What is a purple cow? - by Seth
Bang somebody on the head - it still might not work and you might get arrested for trying what you didn't accomplish anyway - but it's a thought from the top of my mind.

MitchM - by MitchM
Thank you SG and Kathleen for your constructive input.

I took a look at the calendar Kathleen. It looked good. I didn't like the idea of the .exe installation though but that's probably because I'm tired of virus/trojan threats. - by AZBroker
AZ, I understand your virus aversion! If you're interested, PM me. I checked these guys out pretty well when I first discovered them. I can give you the name/phone of one of the principals if you want to do the same. :-)

Kathleen - by KSA-Mktg
It is important to send some type of correspondence with them at least every other month. Find out as much personal information you can (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) and then follow up with a card or note. Continue to make a personal connection. - by tigerlily
What is a purple cow?
Wikipedia: While Purple Cow is the name of a poem by Gelett Burgess the term has most recently been used by Seth Godin in this book Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable.

Godin's book suggests that marketing as we have known it, dominated by industrial complexes churning out products to meet the market's need and television advertising directing people to these products, is broken. We have now moved into an era where markets are largely satisfied and to be noticed a product and its marketing needs to be remarkable to be seen at all, let alone to sell.

This general theme caught the attention of numerous people who made the book a best seller and purportedly the best selling marketing book this decade. - by SalesGuy
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