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Who buys sales training?

Most everyone I've known who went through sales training did so at their employer's expense. I haven't worked with anyone yet who has gone out and paid for sales training. Realistically, who buys sales training? - by Thomas
I would buy it, if it were in my budget. I get most of my training in the field (ouch), bookstore, library, and on this forum--which I have found to be as helpful--if not more--as any of the previous. The immediate feedback on your specific need is wonderful. - by RainMaker
I am an individual financial advisor, and I have paid for sales training out of my own pocket. Why?

Well, in my industry there is roughly a 5% chance of a new advisor still being in the business after 3 years. And even of those 5%, not all of them are at a level of success that I would be happy with. So, maybe 1-2% of the people that the companies train are at the point where I would consider myself a success. So, I invested my own money in my career instead of playing those odds. - by Derek
Companies and organizations are the dominant buyers of sales training.

Many companies outsource their sales training for their own employees. Some companies outsource the training that they provide for their reseller customers and distribution channel personnel. Many membership organizations and trade associations pay for, or share the cost of, seminar training for their members as a benefit of membership.

Surprisingly, individuals make up only a small part of the market for training. Most salespeople are simply not interested in investing in their career, out-of-pocket. One reason might be that many who enter sales do not see themselves as staying in it. I am sure there are many reasons.

A very smart business decision on your part, Derek. Regardless of the venue of training you choose, there is an enormous residual benefit. You expose yourself to others who are serious enough about their career to invest in it beyond reading a book. - by Gary A Boye
I don't think sales training companies typically target individuals. If they do, and it's true that most individuals go the route of books, what does that say about those sales training companies sales and marketing skills? - by bridger480
I have taken a few courses and attending some seminars. I have also invested in different CD's on closing the sale. I like to listen to what other people have done to further their careers. I don't necessarily do exactly what they do, but I take different aspects of their techniques and apply them in my own style. I don't think it's possible to learn too much in the field of sales. There are always ways to better yourself. - by csimpson
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