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On-hold messaging is exactly like it sounds. These are the messages you might hear on the other end of the phone when placed on hold. Only recently has on-hold messaging even been a consideration for me. Does anyone have any recommendations for on-hold messaging services? - by Gilbert
I've used on-hold messaging services before. A couple actually. I think it is a better choice than nothing or country music. :p - by SEO-LAD
I've used these before in the past. The company I used was actually called "On-Hold". They didn't use tapes they actually used some type of "chip" that only worked in their machine.

This company also provided voice talent for the messages. You sent them your script, chose a voice from their talent pool, and bingo you had a professional sounding message. :) - by Mikey
I heard about it but I haven't tried it on my own. Do you think on-hold messages is necessary in business? - by shinningstar
Thats good servicse, can you even advertise in that on hold message - by mtajim
It might not be 'necessary' but it is a great idea. The caller is going to be on hold anyway and this gives you the opportunity to get different messages across to this captive audience. - by Gilbert
I don't like onhold messaging. I always wonder if they are going to say something important that I need to pay close attention to. When I'm put on hold, I usually start working on something to pass the time and don't want to pay attention until a real person speaks! ;bg - by ozzie
I'm actually working on this for a client of mine right now. Great product for the right company. If you can produce your own, you can burn a CD and put it in loop mode and have it play continuously.

If you need a professional service, On Hold does a nice job. You get a bunch of seasonal greetings standard, and 6-8 additional professionally produced scripts per year with the prescription. The cost is in the neighborhood of $500 plus installation. Sometimes more.

Here is my question to my client: do you offer services that your clients are unaware of? Much much do those services cost? What is your profit? So if you could cross-sell an existing client with one of those services that was unaware you offered it, say one per month, that would mean approximately $______ to your bottom line?

I think you have to measure that decision from an ROI standpoint.l Great product to use, and sounds even better. Gives your organization a very professional impression to clients, and exposes your most profitable services to increase sales. - by Telephone Guru
I am new to the site so I see this is an old thread but since I work for a company that produces on hold messages I thought I would chime in just in case there is any more interest in the topic. There have been many new upgrades to players in the past few years and there are options for a business that does not have a professional phone system. Everything from cassette and cd downloads to the new Hybrid players are available. The Hybrid players are rapidly growing to be the most popular. You can use them as either MP3 uploads or as an internet download that is mangaged remotely from our studios. This makes using on hold messages completely hands free for clients.

Often the telephone is the first point of contact for new clients so you want to make sure that, not only is the person who answers your phone professional, your on hold messages are professional too. Having the right marketing messages can increase sales and awareness about the products and services you provide so be sure you are working with someone who understands your needs and the image you want project. - by GailD
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