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Follow-Up Email Automation

Being a programmer by trade, I've been working on my online billing software to be able to trigger the sending of a follow-up email message to a customer at least 12 hours after the order has been updated as being delivered. Problem is, I need to put together a few messages that vary in context to handle repeat orders. I'd like them to sound more randomly canned, than the same message going to the same customer after each of their repeat orders.

One I have been using in the past:

Mr. Soandso,

We recently noticed that your order has been delivered. We wish to thank you for your business and affording us the opportunity of serving you.

Please let us know of any descrepancies in your order so that we can accommodate immediately if necessary, or if we can be of any additional assistance in the future.

Many Thanks,

Company Rep
Company Name
Company Phone
Company Email

Any suggestions would be most helpful.

T.I.A. (thanks in advance) - by tjrockjockwv
Yes, make them helpful to the user or customer, provide links to help pages or pages that are relevant like contact pages on your website in case they have additional questions!

Customer service is the function of the messages so make sure that is what it does with a thank you also and any relevant information about when new product is available with links to reorder pages! - by anthonycea
Hey tjrockjockwv. This might require a bit of work on your part, but could be worth the effort.

Dear Mr./Mrs. Customer,

Your order for {X product} on {date} should have been delivered today. If you did not receive your {X product} today, please contact us.

We strive to provide updated information on our products for future customers and your review of {X product} would be appreciated. Post your review within 5 days and receive Free Shipping on your next order (or any other freebie you want to offer)*. You must login to get this offer.

Customers who have purchased {X product} have also purchased these items:

{list complementary items w/ pictures, prices and direct link to shopping cart}

Once again, thank you for your support and we value you as our customer.

Company Rep
Company Name
Company Phone
Company Email

*{Free shipping extra info and limitations}

This email accomplishes everything you as a business need to take care of after a sale. It sets the expectation that the customer should have their product and if not, you will help them get it (if not put something else there). It offers a special promotion to entice customers to come back - but first they have to give you something to get it. It also offers add-on sales for products they might not have been looking for, thanks the customer for their business, and provides at least 2 ways to contact your company.

HTH. - by EXP Creative
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