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What does "SOLD" mean?

"People don't like to be sold."

What does that mean exactly, "Sold"? :confused: - by Marcus
"People don't like to be sold."

What does that mean exactly, "Sold"? :confused:
In that context I would hazard a guess that being "sold" means buying something at someone elses insincere urging. - by SpeedRacer

To me, there are definite triggers that tell me I'm being "sold". Of course, some of that could be because I sell, too. Here are the kinds of things that raise a red flag for me:
  • Any time someone's first words when I answer the phone are "How are you today?"
  • "If I could show you how [whatever], would you buy today?"
  • "But, you would like to save money on your [marketing, utility costs, long distance phone charges or whatever] wouldn't you?
  • "We're just asking you to try [the product/service], there's no obligation!"
I think you get the idea -- any time I tell someone that I am not interested in their product/service, and they try to play on the weaknesses they perceive I have, I feel like I'm being "sold".

Kathleen - by KSA-Mktg
I think I understand now. Thank you everyone. - by Marcus
When someone tells you that you need something that you really don't I see that as being sold and I don't like to be sold. :mad: - by Seth
When someone tells you that you need something that you really don't I see that as being sold and I don't like to be sold. :mad:
If I'm killing time just looking and a salesperson starts following me around and asking questions trying to "sell" me something to me that is being sold. - by dwalker
It simply depends on how "sold" used in the sentence.
"People don't like to be sold." In this sentence it means that people don't like to be fooled or cheated by others. - by shinningstar
One thing I don't like personally is when someone is using an obviously rehearsed sales pitch on me. - by Ricardo
I very much agree with you Ricardo. I know how it feels. - by shinningstar
To me it is when the sales person is more interested in making the sale than finding out if you really need what they're selling.

The opposite would be the sales person going over different product options, benefits, features etc with you, and asking you questions to help determine what is going to be most beneficial to you, the customer.

If you are being sold the sales person will be more pushy, going for a hard close. Ex: would you like option A or B? if you buy now I will include X for free! This offer is only good right now/today etc...

If you buy something, and you walk away thinking "gee I didn't really need to buy that", then you were probably "sold". - by MarkS
People like to feel that the decision to buy was completely their choice. When they walk away not feeling that way, they were sold.

Pam - by LadySmith
First off....if you are thinking along the lines of "selling" and "sold", chances are...you are already seperating yourself from the consumer you are trying to reach!;st
If you just get into the mindset that you are NO DIFFERENT than the person walking through your doors (or the other way around), then they will be more than willing to percieve you the same way as well.
I believe that we get ourselves into the position of being on the "opposite side" of the customer just because we are being "paid" to help them. But in reality...it is this mindset that changes the "smallest" parts of your approach that determine the cusomer's reaction to you.

That word really offends some people , if its realy used at busy places - by mtajim
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