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Measuring Personal Growth

How does one measure growth to know growth is happening? What defined as growth terms are used in that measurement? Personal growth is big business but what is meant by that and how subjectively one is to know isn't a questions easily answered. - by MitchM
What does "Personal Growth" mean to you? - by Agent Smith
I believe "Personal Growth" is a very subjective term.

As it relates to business, I think it involves developing skills and achieving success over time or a number of projects and becoming more independent in your field of work.

I also believe it applies to areas of your personal life which aren't directly related to work. - by Ricardo
I've always heard the term "Personal Growth" as referred to a person's personal life such as their character or development.

In business, I think it would refer to your personal efforts to learn and grow your business. - by ozzie
Personal growth for me is the outcome of love of work and strong determination of a person. It refers to the development or improvement of yourself. - by shinningstar
To me, personal growth means attaining those things in life I find to be important and make me happy. Being able to spend time with family, volunteering, helping colleagues in need are all examples. - by Coda1108
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