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Advice Please - sales training programs

I have been suggested the following two sites by a friend -




and I am unsure about which to use.

I was wondering if anyone had used either of these sites before and if you have could you let me know what you thought please.

Personally I feel they both have something to offer but I would like a second opinion please. - by tina_green1995
What were you looking for that led your friend to suggest those sites? How does someone "use" these sites? What do you feel these sites have to offer you? - by BossMan
I was looking to enrol on a training course for sales and management as I do not have a job I wanted to better my skills before applying. They both offer online courses which would suit me but I was unsure about what to look for? - by tina_green1995
I haven't heard anything about either of the online courses on those sites. Best of luck. - by BossMan
Thanks!!!! - by tina_green1995

Have you considered a telephone coaching and self-directed learning approach to gainining the information you need? My course of stucy is tailored to a participant express needs and present level of expertese. Check it out at: http://www.TheSellingEdge.com/personalCoaching.htm This coauses is approved for continuing education credits. You also receive a certificate to display.

Virden - by Virden J. Thornton
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