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Selling Ads Locally or Nationally

I own a business and sell advertising in my local publications all along the western corridor (WC). I sell to the little business guy in each town. I want to sell the Ads to the big guys, so they can get in on ALL the local publications along the WC.

Obviously, there's a big difference in selling one an Ad for $400 per year to reach 100,000 patrons in a local city, and selling an Ad for $5,500 per year to reach 1.76 million patrons along the western corridor. The idea is a bit large and intimidating, but I know people do it.

It would also be a HUGE difference between selling 1 Ad per month to one big guy, or selling 28 Ads to small guys while I travel around.

What I need to know is:
1. Is this a feasable idea?
2. Is the 1 Ad I have to sell going to take the same or more man-hours that it would take to keep my same 28 Ads per month approach anyway?
2. How is the selling approach to the big guy different?

This is all a new concept for me and appreciate any comments from people who have experience in this field. - by Heidi23
Heidi, I can't think of any obvious reason why this wouldn't be feasable.

How much time will it take? I suppose that depends on the client.

How is the approach different? I imagine the difference is in how to get to the decision maker. I would also imagine this varies depending on the company.

I commend you on thinking big and encourage you to pursue this line of thinking. :cool: - by AZBroker
Heii23, how are you coming along with this idea? - by Liberty
Hello Heidi23,

Welcome to the forum and....go big =) - by ginoayn
Heidi, any pointers on selling ads? I just started with a yellow page advertising company. Having a rough time getting appointments right now. - by salesrocket

I think that there should be nothing too stand in your way of seeking larger clients, of course the long term benefit is that once you have a few clients who are well known, more will follow.

When speaking with larger clients, its often harder to get through to the actual desicion, so it is quite possible that you may find this time consuming and it could be detrimental to upholding your current clients.

However would it be viable, to employ perhaps just one or two young people with an out going personality, train them correct and have them do the initial hard work, in making the first contact and establishing an interest. At this stage you can utilise your expertise safe in the knowledge that your time is being spent on clients with a true interest.

Im sure also there are many ways you can make attractive offers to larger clients. I would imagine that perhaps one of the factors that would most entice larger clients would be the offer to do an actual editorial relating to their business.

I apologise because i have absolutely no knowledge of your particular industry so perhaps these suggestions will be entirely unfeasable!

all the best anyhow!;sm - by adammead26
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