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Sales Philosophy

It has been said that Salesman are among the highest paid in the world. Also, take into consideration the number of gurus who made their debut in sales and one may start to ponder the great impact the feild of sales has had on its members. The answer I have come to probably stems from my inate sense of self-reliance bestowed upon me from my parents and Napoleon Hill alike. The reason I beleive that so many great acheivers are molded from the scorching furnace of the sales industry is simply due to the fact that as a salesman you either sink or swim. If you do not get out their and practice dilligence, dicipline and personal development each day you are doomed. Others can simply become comfertable in a large corporation and blend in with their 8,000 co-workers and simply eak by in utter mediocraty. The salesman does not have this luxury, he can not afford to be mediocre because if he is, than his paycheck will be directly effected the very next pay period. I beleive that people either become succesfull because of inspiration or desperation. The salesman is effected by both. Furthermore, denying people the two factors that lead to success and fulfillment; desperation and inspiration is shamefully disgraceful and madening. How many more Thomas Edisons and Benjamin Franklins would have been produced if our governent had not taken away the inpiration and desperation of it's people through welfare and entitlements? I apologize for getting political. Thats all folks, I'd love to hear opinions. - by jonnyw82
Go ahead jonnyw82, tell us how you really feel. ;bg - by Mikey
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