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Company Known for finest sales training program??

Hi all, I hope you guys are doing great! This is actually my very first post ever, I am so happy to find a sales forum! I just wanted to get some of your expert advice:

I am looking to find a job in sales with a company that is KNOWN to have on of the finest sales training programs in their particular industry. I would like to become the best sales person I can be. I think sales would be a great school of negotiation and also a great growing experience. So here are my quick questions:

Do you guys know of any companies that are recognized and known for their sales training programs?
Also, if you work for a company and you believe that you have received exceptional training, please let me know whom you work for.

I don’t have a particular industry preference, although I would like to sale to businesses. But really, I am looking for a company where I can learn the art of negotiation, and I know that sales can be a great growing experience.

If you guys have any suggestions, I would really appreciate it! Thank you soo much!

Victor - by vhf031000
Maybe Xerox? - by Jolly Roger
Maybe Xerox?
I don't know of any but I've heard of Xerox sales training before and they do sell to businesses. I'm not sure but IBM might be a good one to check out too. - by Thomas
I started out at Pitney Bowes. They had a great training center down in Atlanta they sent everyone to. That was 20 years ago, though. - by susana
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